~ GDPR ~

Hello there, rider of the Internet galaxy!

If you landed here, I would like to share some information about your safety on this website. First of all I want you to know that I’ve encrypted all of the devices and passwords I use to manage this website. This helps to prevent your information from getting stolen. I’ve also taken all my usernames and passwords in consideration so they will be pretty much impossible to hack even for Pentagon…

This is for you to feel safe. 

I also gather as little information as possible. In fact I don’t want to gather any information at all. But for me to use the most basic functions in Google Analytics I must gather some stuff, for a while at least. 

The information I gather is not used for anything but to check the traffic on the website and to know that everything works as intended. I don’t do marketing or advertising, and most important of all, I do NOT sell any information.


I’m currently using Google Analytics, but with the most simple settings possible. I only gather data to see how much visitors I got on my website and to optimise it for your experience. I constantly trying to minimise the collection of data and deleting the existing as fast as possible for you to feel safe. I erease all Google Analytics data after the minimum settings of 14 months. The cookies I gather is the following:

I do gather:

  • Demography and Interest.

(location, computer/mobile device, time, pages visited, OS, gender, interests)

  • Users and Active Users

(session, frequency, session length, traffic channel, medium, referencing)

I don’t gather or do:

  • User-ID
  • Remarketing
  • Advertising Reporting Features
  • Extended Link Allocations
  • Adwords
  • Advertising functions


To be able to send me an email through the contact form I must unfortunately gather some information about you as well. I will by time reduce the amount as much as possible since I’m not really that interested in where you’re located and so on. But with the contact form I use at the moment I must gather the following data:

  • Name
  • Email adress
  • Subject + Message
  • IP-adress
  • Host
  • Agent

If you want to send me an email without information about IP, Host and Agent it’s fully ok to send it to:

yo @

Your emails will be stored on my server for a longer period of time though, this is for the contracts, offers, invoices and other information we have agreed upon so the both of us can feel safe on the business side.